Arkade PvP Servers


Ragnarok // 1 - Arkade Live

Aberration // 1 - Arkade Live

Center // 1 - Arkade Live

Island // 1 - Arkade Live
v284.104     0/80

Events // 1 - Arkade Live

Scorched Earth // 1 - Arkade Live

Arkade PVP Cluster


Arkade PVP has started SEASON TWO on September 1, 2018!. Experience all five Ark maps with a pvp community that works together to build the perfect Ark experience.

Our brand new dedicated servers run amazingly fast and smooth. Overclocked Intel i7-7700K 4c/8t - 4.7GHz /5GHz because in Ark, processor speed is king. And the NVMe SSDs are insanely fast. And check out this ping on Ragnarok.

If you're looking for a competitive, fun atmosphere, while making friends and a few enemies along the way, Arkade is for you! We are currently running Ragnarok, Aberration, Island, Scorched Earth,The Center, and Event map on a single cluster. Highest Player is level is 104 unascended (134 max ascended), and Dino Level is 150. With a few select QoL mods and reasonable rates set at 3 exp/5 harvest/5 tame/10 breeding, you'll be all set to jump in the action. Unique Events will lure you out of your base, with competitive rewards to give you an edge.

The Arkade Admin team has a serious addiction to Ark Survival Evolved, loves our community, and is prepared to provide you with the a quality server and playing experience. Join our vibrant Discord Community now, then hit up a server. We look forward to seeing you in game!


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