Arkade Support

If you need assistance, make sure you join our Discord community. Sometimes a simple question can be answered there by the community itself or in the Community Support channel.

For optimal support, you will need a Tribe Rep. To setup a Tribe Rep for your tribe, head to our Discord under Arkade - request-for-tribe-rep and Request to be Tribe Rep. For fastest result, post a screenshot showing you as the Owner. If you are not Tribe Owner, please have the Tribe Owner authorize you to be the Tribe Rep by stating so in this channel. We can also check the website under your tribe to make sure you are the Owner but may not be as fast as seeing the screenshot. Tribes are allowed one Tribe Rep for up to 10 members, and a max of two tribe reps for tribes with 10 or more members. Having Tribe Reps reduce the amount of Support Tickets we get so we don't get one from 10 tribe members of the same issue, and also gives us a contact person in case we need to speak with your tribe.

Once your Tribe Reps are all setup, simply have your Tribe Rep head to our Discord and under the Tribe Rep category submit a Support Ticket by typing in the channel:

-new This is my support ticket description

It is helpful to have screenshots ready to support your ticket.

It is highly recommended to join a tribe, even if it is a tribe comprised solely of yourself. You'll then have access to tribe logs, your tribe webpage and more!