Arkade PvP Rules

To provide everyone with as pleasant an experience as possible on a pvp server, the following rules must be abided by if you play on Arkade.

General Rules

  • Arkade is a place to play Ark, so please keep all political or religious speech off all Arkade platforms (In-game, Discord, Guilded, Website).
  • Racism, Discrimination are not allowed on all Arkade platforms. We ask you keep all trash talk game related and in the #trash talk discord channel.
  • Any excessive attacks against Arkade team or the community is forbidden. This can result in removal of post and given a warning continuing to break this rule can result in losing all chat privileges.
  • Cheating/Exploiting or use of 3rd party software to gain an advantage over others is forbidden.
  • Intentionally having a negative impact on any Arkade platforms is forbidden. Anyone breaking this rule will be warned before any action takes place.
  • Insiding your own tribe is strictly forbidden, to clarify the tribe owner owns all structures, loot and creatures. This includes dinos imprinted by you, the Tribe Owner still owns them!
  • A raid is completed when the defensive tribe log has no activity for 2 hours.
  • Imprisoning is allowed with a limit of 2 hours. During a raid a person may be imprisoned during the duration of the raid plus a extra 2 hours.
  • Advertising or promoting other non-Arkade servers in Arkade (ingame, Discord, guilded, website, Twitch) is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban.
  • Tribes that go beyond the maximum tribe member limit is forbidden. Examples are as follows:
  • Replacing offline tribe members for a raid then inviting them back later.
  • Switching back and forth between multiple tribes that exceed there tribe member limit or joining and leaving the same tribe multiple times.

Building Rules

  • Building under the mesh is forbidden. (Accidental under mesh structures will be judged on a case by case basis.)
  • All Structures must be destroyable and have a visible connection to mesh.
  • Turrets are not allowed to be placed as to shoot through the mesh or structures.
  • Base Building in Artifact Caves or block the entrances is forbidden. 0
  • Blocking of any crates is forbidden. (Does not include beacons)
  • Blocking of obelisks & the surface entrances on aberration is forbidden.
  • Do not spam foundations to block resources, or base locations. Be Reasonable with Anti-Fob Foundations. (File a ticket if you are unsure)
  • Taming Pens left locked will be demolished by admins if they are left not in use for an excessive amount of time.
  • All map Survivor spawn locations must be free of turrets, aggressive creatures or bases. This is up to the discretion of the Admins.
  • Building is not permitted in the cave on The Center located at 89.7/37.7 (This can change in the future.)
  • No building in Ragnarok south wyvern cave or preventing people from entering/leaving.

Discord Rules

  • Keep Discord discussion on topic pertaining to each channel.
  • #general is for community use not support. If you need support please file a ticket via tribe representative or use the #community-support channel.
  • Inappropriate videos, images, audio or links can result in removal of the post and given a warning. Continuing to break this rule can result in losing all chat privileges. (If you do not know if said media is acceptable do not post it.)
  • Tribe representative are highly recommended for all tribes on Arkade.
  • Tribe representative have the ability to submit tickets for support and will be invited to discussions about the server. If you do not have a tribe rep please use the #community-support channel.

Tribe Rules

  • Tribe names must remain consistent across the cluster.
  • Tribe name changes will have a 3 day cool down
  • Being in multiple tribes across the cluster is forbidden. (Please rename all tribe names as soon as possible.)

Punishments and Rule Violations

Each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis. based on the severity of the situation and feedback from Arkade team members these step can be escalated higher. Multiple violations in the same instance will result in a step up in punishment including but not limited to permanent banishment.
*The first violation will result in a warning depending on severity.
*The second violation will result in a 24 hour ban.
*The third violation results in a 72 hour ban.
*Any further violations can result in a permanent ban.

Tribe Safe Tag System

  • Tribes that have there structures destroyed can redeem a tribe safe tag by having their tribe representative place a ticket. The ticket should include location and pictures of the base that is destroyed.
  • Tribes with a safe tag will receive a force field around their main structures by Arkade admins.
  • Tribes with a safe tag are forbidden to raid any other tribe however can take part in open world pvp.
  • Tribe safe tags last 3 days at the end Arkade admins will remove the safe tag force field.
  • Safe tags can be removed by Arkade admins early under their own discretion.
  • WARNING: It is your own tribe's responsibility to remove the [SAFE] tag from your tribe name after the SAFE tag period is concluded. Failure to do so may result in the inability to use the Safe tag in the future.

What To Do If You Witness a Rule Violation

If you witness someone breaking any of these rules, have your tribe Rep report it in the Discord Ticket Support, include screenshots if possible.

Rule Changes

We will very rarely make rule changes mid-season, although Arkade is still in its first few seasons so there might be slight balancing rules. If you think a rule should be added, have your Tribe Rep make a proposal in Tribe Rep Chat. If a second tribe seconds the proposal, the admin team will look into the proposed rule. If we deem it healthy for the server and not undue extra workload for us to enforce said rule, we will allow the Tribe Reps to vote in the Discord #vote-channel. Thus, it is very important you have a Tribe Rep representing your tribe! If you have more than 6 tribe members, get a second Tribe Rep.

At any time, the Arkade Admins can veto a rule proposal or even change an existing rule to our discretion. Although some rules might seem ideal in theory, there are always additional issues that might arise once implemented.