Community feedback is a critical aspect in determining our rates/settings.

Essential Settings
XP: 3x
Gather: 5x
Taming: 7x
Breeding: 10x
Max Player Level: 105 (unascended); 135 (Ascended)
Max Wild Dino Level: 150

Max Number of Players in Tribe: 12
No Alliances for Season 3!
Max Tribe Dinos: 750

Player Fortitude per level multiplier: x2.5 (5 fortitude per point)
Unlimited Respecs enabled
All Engrams able to be learned
Custom beacon drops

Mating Interval: .5x
Baby Mature Speed: 10x
Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.25

Resource Spawn Period: 0.8
Structure Prevent Resource Radius Multiplier: 0.8

Turret Limit: 200
LimitTurret Range: 6500

Misc Server Settings

  • Admin Logging: Enabled
  • Third person: Enabled
  • Gamma: Enabled
  • Crosshair: Enabled
  • Show Floating Damage Text: Disabled
  • Show Map Player Location: Enabled
  • Spawn Animation: Disabled
  • Structure Placement Collision: Allowed

Custom Events
We love working on unique creative events like Pirate Ship wars, Zombie Apocalypse, Ovis Soccer! We have some very creative people on our Event team, and are always open to your ideas as well! Let us know what you'd like to see!