Arkade PvP Ark Mods

Arkade is a modded server, with mods carefully chosen to provide Survivors with the best experience possible with a few carefully chosen quality of life mods, while maintaining the PvP experience.

Mod List (in order of load)

  1. HG Stacks 1000-50
  2. Structures Plus
  3. Omnicular
  4. Death Helper
  5. Utilities Plus
  6. Tribute and Element Transfers
  7. Balanced Kibble
  8. Offline Guard System
  9. Editable Server UI

Disabled Items

For the balance of PvP and to reduce exploits, we've disabled the following:

  • Wooden Rafts
  • Fishing Basket
  • All Special S+ Turrets
  • S+ Bed
  • S+ Bunkbed
  • S+ Glass Foundation
  • S+ Triangle Glass Foundation
  • S+ Medium/Large Metal Pillars
  • S+ Repair Gun
  • S+ Visibility Tool
  • S+ Converter
  • S+ Blueprint Maker
  • S+ Cooker
  • S+ Catalyzer
  • S+ Auto Crafter
  • S+ Charge Injector
  • S+ Vivarium
  • Reusable Flare Gun (Utilities Plus mod)
  • Reusable Grappling Hook (Utilities Plus mod)
  • Ultimate Spyglass (Utillities Plus mod)
  • Element Transfer (from Tribute and Element Transfers mod)

S+ Nanny imprinting is disabled!

Disabled Tek

  • S+ Cloning Chamber
  • S+ Mutator
  • S+ Repulser Pad
  • S+ Personal Teleporter
  • S+ ATV
  • S+ Sleeping Pod
  • S+ Shield Generator
  • S+ Forcefield Walls
  • S+ Large/XL Walls
  • S+ Medium/Large Pillars
  • S+ Tek Gates and Gateframes