To ensure ARKADE Servers and Discord Community run smoothly and happily, we have built up a team with various expertise. We've got people with experience running Ark pvp servers, as well as other gaming communities/servers. We've got people that know the backend side of things: database and programming, as well as front-end: website and graphics. We've got the Discord admin experts. People happy to answer your tickets and questions. Most of all, we all are eager to listen to you, to make this ARKADE a wonderful virtual home! The Arkade staff knows YOU are our priority. One thing we all have in common is a passion for Ark: Survival Evolved! We all know the game well and are excited to have you play on our community! Another thing we have in common is that we enjoy interacting with community. We love having you play on our servers and socialize with us on Discord!

Keep in mind that we are all doing this as a hobby, at all times real life comes first. We all have either work, school, family or all of the above. But we try our best to have enough people on hand in various time zones to assist you with any issues and support tickets.

Server Administrators - Senior Admins - we've been here since the beginning!

  • Tiamo - Owner; Website Admin; Handles server stuff, advertising, plugins, etc.. (will never play on the server)

Game Administrators - Handles in game issues, listen to the community to make improvements, and assists Server Administrators with server settings. These admins do play the game and keep us in touch with how things are going. Game Admins are never in the same tribe, they keep each other in check.

  • Geeee - Hosts Fireside Chat, configures the drops
  • Shimsham
  • Jackal
  • Kiskameow
  • Yokuzakai

Discord Moderators - Handles moderation of discord chat, Support Tickets and escalation to the Game/Server Admin Team if needed.

  • Big Jim
  • Sprinklez
  • Triiton
  • Arria Rhapsody
  • Kivuli

Tribe Reps
These are the folks you get to represent your tribe. Tribes below 6 members may have one Tribe Rep. Tribes with 6+ members may have two Tribe Reps. They will have a special aqua color and role in Discord and participate in discussions pertaining to your gaming experience. Tribe Reps also have the ability to submit a Support Ticket for your tribe to solve issues.

Our Community

Upon setting up Arkade we formed a Focus Group comprised of various people from different tribes and maps to build a server that we all would love playing on. We also invited our Discord Community to join our Ark servers a few days to test settings and stress-test. These Testers did an amazing job! Thank you to all of these people, we really appreciate all your help!

Want to help? Let us know! Our team has only a few folks from outside North America timezones, so we're especially eager to find someone to help provide support for more timezone coverate. We welcome people from other servers and experience, or even simply enthusiasm for the game!